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5 Sustainable Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day might be round the corner, but that doesn’t mean it has to cost the earth. This Mother’s Day, if you plan to celebrate your mother with a gift, choose one that honours Mother Earth too, from the Pip Shop. And to help, we’ve hand picked our top ideas and created our very own Ethical Mother’s……

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Biogas Digester: Turning Waste Into Energy

By Stuart Muir Wilson October 1, 2021 Find out how you could turn your household waste into renewable energy with a biogas digester.  There is a simple way to make your own renewable energy at home and use it for cooking, heating and lighting. It’s called biogas, and the concept is – add your kitchen…

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Pip Podcast #37: Nick Rose

In the latest Pip Podcast, Dr Nick Rose, the Executive Director of Sustain, reveals how we can create stronger food systems in the face of climate change, natural disasters, pandemics and the rising cost of living.

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Pip Podcast #36: Cheryl Davison

oday we speak to visual artist, business owner, creative director and proud Walbunga and Ngarigo woman, Cheryl Davison.

As an artist, a teacher, a singer and, a festival creative director, Cheryl Davison is creating and maintaining beautiful and important cultural connections.

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