Pip Podcast #42: Amanda Reynolds

In this Pip Podcast, we chat with Amanda Reynolds, a Guringai Yuin woman. She’s an artist, storyteller, possum skin cloak maker, curator and a sharer of knowledge.

Join us as we welcome the incredibly talented Amanda Reynolds, a Guringai Yuin woman and a master of many arts, including possum cloak making.

In our heart-warming conversation, Amanda honours her profound connection to Yuin Country at Burrill Lake. She shares the cultural significance of symbols and designs in Indigenous storytelling and the ancient wisdom passed down through generations.

Amanda’s storytelling weaves together symbols, designs, and the act of deep listening, offering an intimate look into the heritage that shapes her craft and the respect she upholds for her ancestors and the land.

Amanda shares anecdotes of solace found in the presence of kangaroos and wallabies, and the sanctuary her home provides for them. We reflect on the totem system’s pivotal role in conservation and sustainable living.

Amanda Reynolds

These stories not only highlight the importance of living in harmony with Mother Earth but also stress the urgency of protecting our planet’s natural habitats and advocating for the rights of all its inhabitants. Join us for this enlightening exploration of the resilience and joy within our communities, and the shared wisdom that binds us to every living being.

Amanda shares an invitation to slow down, tune in to the cycles of nature, and embrace the environmental responsibilities that come with being guardians of the earth. The episode underscores the timeless wisdom of listening to both elders and the land itself and the impact of our choices on future generations.

We hope you enjoy this episode and be sure to check out Alison’s article on fungi in Issue #32 of Pip Magazine. Subscribe to get your copy here.

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