Pip Podcast #33: Diego Bonetto on Wild Harvests

It’s Pip Podcast time with Diego Bonetto on the topic of wild harvests!

In this podcast Diego Bonetto shares his passion for the ancient art of foraging. He shares his theories on why many of us are rediscovering the lost art of foraging for wild food. As well as some of his favourite cooking tips for foraged foods.

Diego learnt to forage for weeds and other wild foods in the north of Italy, on a dairy farm where he grew up. When he moved to Australia in the 90’s he began to share his knowledge with others. He now teaches foraging skills in Sydney. He has taught everyone from chefs to families. In the podcast he chats with Robyn about the importance of understanding your neighbourhood. And how foraging is more than free food: it’s a way to connect with your landscape.

In the podcast you will also learn the steps you can take to start your own foraging journey. And learn the ancient art of finding free food!

To find out more about Diego click here.

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