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snow in the garden in tasmania

August Gardening Guide – Cool Climate

August Gardening Guide – Cool Climate What to Plant in August?  Potatoes, peas, broad beans, Jerusalem artichokes, rhubarb divisions, chive divisions, oca (a tuberous oxalis relative that grows like a potato). And all the leafy greens: lettuce, rocket, Asian greens, celery and English spinach. In raised beds and warm spots start with succession sowings of carrot and… View more

July Gardening Guide – Cool Climate

July Gardening Guide – Cool Climate What to Plant in July?  Its cold, really cold, and frosty this month, even though we’ve passed the midwinter shortest day. Amazing how things still grow (even weeds like chickweed) and thrive in these conditions. Brassicas and parsnips get sweeter after a good frost as some of their starches get converted… View more

Radish ready to harvest in Tasmania

June Gardening Guide – Cool Climate

June Gardening Guide – Cool Climate (Image Credit: Wikipedia) What to Plant in June?  As we approach the shortest day, our focus for planting in the garden shifts from annual vegies to perennials. Rhubarb, asparagus, Jerusalem artichokes, globe artichokes, chives, garlic chives, horseradish, potato onions and shallots can all be lifted, divided and replanted in the… View more

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