November Garden Guide

November garden guide

Our November garden guide will tell you what you need to do in your garden this time of year, depending on which climate zone you’re in.

Mushroom Pate Recipe

Mushroom pate recipe
Whether homegrown, shop bought or wild harvested – get yourself some mushrooms and whip up this delicious mushroom pate recipe… pronto!

October Update

Well we’re in the full swing of production mode again pulling together articles for issue three. It’s going to be another cracker.  Issue two is selling well and can be found at stockists around the country. Here is one of our newest stockists in Sydney; Orchard St, Elixir Bar. We also held our first course here… View more

October Gardening Guide

October Gardening Guide lettuce

Our October Gardening Guide is here, with all you need to know about what to do in your garden this time of year, depending on which climate zone you’re in.

September Gardening Guide

[h4]MEDITERRANEAN climate[/h4]   Zone 0: Just when I ought to be getting my spring planting organised, I’m preoccupied with heading off for permaculture training – more on that later! Zone 1: Raised garden beds have had a quick sprinkle of seeds for a few more leafy greens before they get warm enough for the solanum vegies. The… View more

September at Pip HQ

Things just seem to going off here at the moment. I had the realisation that this is the first Spring we have had on the property that we haven’t been building the house, hence for once we are actually semi-organised and prepared. Thanks to the greenhouse we have our seedlings happily growing away getting a… View more

Holistic Management: Another Tool in Your Kit Bag

When you make a decision, what do you consider? Expert advise and scientific research? Intuition? Past experience? Will your decision achieve what you want? And how quickly? Is your decision lawful, ethical? Will it make you money? Annoy the neighbours? Win you accolades? There are so many things to consider when making decisions, large and… View more

August Gardening Guide

[h4]TROPICAL climate[/h4] Zone 0: Now is the time to start planning for the wet season garden. The current forecast is for a very dry wet season and perhaps an El Nino so look at water storage options in the yard. Swales will slow down the passage of rain through the property. Look at other possibilities for… View more

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