Pip Podcast #10: Mariam Issa

Here is Pip Permaculture Podcast number 10 for you, featuring Mariam Issa in conversation with Pip Editor Robyn Rosenfeldt! The podcast was recorded live at the 2018 Australian Permaculture Convergence. This conversation with Mariam Issa will inspire you! First of all Mariam shares her refugee journey fleeing war in Somalia and resettling in Australia. While... View more

Living gratefully

Last year, 2016, was a bit of a shocker in world politics and environment news. We lost a permaculture giant in Bill Mollison, and at many times it was hard not to feel dispirited with the general state of things. But it wasn't all black, there were plenty of silver linings the world over, many... View more

Ten Ways to Love your Group, Family and Community

As permies, we love community, people care and working together, but working in a group can sometimes be fraught with challenges. Social Permaculture practitioner and teacher Robin Clayfield gives us her top ten tips for being part of a healthy and effective group! Being involved in a healthy, vibrant and effective group and playing a role… View more

Find your Perfect-Permie-Match!

Permaculture brings people together, and is all about finding relationships between different elements in a design… but what if it could help found some beautiful real-life human relationships? Permablitz Melbourne seem to think it can… we found out just how in this interview with Permablitz Melbourne Collective Member Adrian O’Hagan.   Why did Permablitz Melbourne decide to… View more

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