with Emily Stokes from Fermaculture Farm

Saturday Nov 4, 9:30- 1:30pm at Pip HQ, Pambula, NSW.

Learn traditional techniques of home cheesemaking using your own home-made starter cultures (using dairy kefir), and the indigenous cultures already in raw milk. Move over packaged powder cultures, synthetic rennet, and chemical sanitisers – this is cheesemaking the way cheese used to be made. It’s the wild fermentation philosophy – like making sauerkraut using the natural ecology already inherent in the cabbage – natural cheesemaking is based on the ecology already existing in the raw milk. We will discuss the health implications of raw milk cheese, and demonstrate the methods of turning your delicious milk into even more delicious cultured butter, crème fraiche, labne, yoghurt, chevre, St Marcellin, Feta and Camembert.

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