12 ways to use Kaffir Limes

12 ways to use Kaffir Limes

A few weeks ago we posted on our Instagram account and asked people for their tips for how to use kaffir limes.

The responses were so great I wanted to share them here. So, here are 12 ways to use kaffir limes and the users who recommended them. Thanks Pipsters!

1. Make a fancy drink

@deb.bowen  suggests: “As with all citrus, infused in vodka!”

2. The perfect Massaman

@foodculture1 assures us that their “… massaman curry paste isn’t the same without kaffir lime zest”

3. Sweet smelling hair

@saintnicko loves it for hair. They said “I have washed my hair with kaffir limes. Smells great!” and here’s how: “I simply just halved and squeezed/rubbed halves into my hair. Massaged into hair and scalp, then rinsed. I had heard it was a good scalp treatment.”

4. Kaffir Lime Kombucha

@jadejohnson84 suggested slicing the fruit and adding it to Kombucha with ginger and kiwi. Yum!

5. Fresh and clean

@vanravyn reckons the zest is amazing in vinegar for cleaning. We are trying this!

6. Preppers dream

@renee.ssance reminded us to freeze the leaves to use in curries all year.

7. Almond Indulgence

@2bellestreet makes an Almond Apple Teacake with Kaffir & Cardamon Syrup! OMG we are coming to your house.

8. Lady marmalalde

@cup_full_of_crazy makes Kaffir Lime Marmalade. Get your piping hot sourdough toast ready!

9. Zesty Yes!

@cup_full_of_crazy is also crazy about the zest in pretty much everything: cooking, baking, roasting or even preserving.

10. Zesty Chook

@bear_loves_dove puts a whole lime inside the chook before roasting. This sounds so amazing!

10. Pickle perfect

@domesticgoddess reckons Kaffir Lime Pickle is the go.

11. Bathing in Kaffirs for mums and bubs

@soyoulikecoffee is a bathtime goddess and puts sliced Kaffir Limes in the bath. She also recommends this in particular for new mothers and babies.

12. Cleaning with kaffirs

@anahitahollings cuts hers up and leaves them soaking in vinegar for a few weeks. Then strains it and puts in in a spray bottle as a cleaner. This must smell amazing.

Love your Makruts

And a final note from @the_gardeners_luck who has read that “the name kaffir was a racial slur. Apparently Makrut is a more respectful term for these fragrant beauties”.

Happy Makrut-ing 🙂

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    Planting a lime & kaffir tree.

    Cheryl Case
    Apr 3, 2019 Reply
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    i love kaffir leaves and wasn’t sure what to do with the fruit as it has so little pulp inside. i picked a bumpy yellow one (ripe) and chewed off a slight bit of the rind to taste it. my mouth suddenly got a shock with sharp stinging and a flavour that reminded me of tea tree oil or camphor. i wasn’t sure if it was safe (felt medicinal) so tried to spit it out. the numbing effect wore off after 10 minutes. so i decided to search online to find out what kaffir rind is used for (which is why i am on this page). i didn’t expect people to say they use it for various recipes. what do indigenous people use kaffir fruit and rind for?

    Sep 5, 2020 Reply

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