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/ / Pip Podcast #19 Native Bees with Dr Megan Halcroft

Pip Podcast #19 Native Bees with Dr Megan Halcroft

Native bees are an important part of our garden’s ecosystems. In this podcast Pip Magazine editor Robyn Rosenfeldt talks with Dr Megan Halcroft about what role they play in our gardens and what we can do to support them. We learn what are the best plants to grow to attract them and how to create habitat for them to live in.

Dr Megan Halcroft runs Bees Business. To find out more about how to support native bees in your garden, including what plants to grow, go to

To read more about native bees and how to create a native bee garden, check out issue 13 of Pip Magazine.

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  1. loved this podcast! Went straight out to the garden to admire the blue banded bees after listening. They appear to love the salvias in the garden the most, especially my pink and white salvia coccinea.

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