How To Make Weed Tea Fertiliser

Turning your weeds into tea gets rid of them for good while producing an inexpensive and nutritious fertiliser for your garden. 

Pulling weeds out of your garden is one thing, but disposing of them once out of the soil in a way that ensures they don’t reshoot can sometimes be a struggle. 

Composting your weeds is a great option, but the time taken between pulling them out of the ground and turning them into something you can return to feed the garden in the form of compost can take months. 

Fermenting them in water over a few weeks, however, is a fast and effective way to not only dispose of them, but to turn them into food for your garden. 

Getting started

You can make your weed tea fertiliser in just about anything that holds water, although given the smell it will inevitably develop, it’s best to have a container specifically for this purpose.

Instead of buying something, you could ask your local bulk wholefoods store if they have any containers they no longer need, or buckets from restaurants are great, too, and will often come with a lid. 

How to make weed tea fertiliser

In Issue #22 of Pip Magazine, we reveal everything you need to know about making weed tea fertiliser, including:

  • How to “brew” your weed fertiliser.
  • Other plants and organic matter you can use to make composting tea.
  • And how best to apply the tea to your garden and vegie patch, including tips on diluting the tea to get the right ratio of water to tea.

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