What is Fair Food?

What is Fair Food?

Fair Food Week 2015

The term ‘fair food’ has been thrown around a bit of late. With Fair Food Week 2014 (of which Pip Magazine is a major sponsor) only concluding last weekend. But what makes food fair? Well, I think Tammi Jonas, “farmer, meatsmith and cultural theorist”, sums it up well in her article “On Fair Food & ‘Sustainable Intensification“. It’s a longish, but worthwhile read. But, in summary, this is what fair food is not:

Food that is produced by a farmer who cannot earn a living even though she does it full time is not fair.

Food that is produced by confining animals in cages and sheds for their entire lives is not fair.

Food that is produced by routinely pouring toxic pesticides and herbicides until soils and waterways are depleted and polluted for everyone is not fair.

Food that is produced by workers who are not paid a living wage is not fair.

Food that is produced but intentionally not available to hungry people is not fair.

Food-stuffs that cause health epidemics like diabetes & heart disease are not fair.

So, how does permaculture fit in with this you may be wondering? Well let’s go back to the permaculture ethic. Earth Care / People Care / Fair Share. Fair food is absolutely central to this ethic.


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