Homemade Laundry Powder Recipe

Homemade laundry powder is more sustainable, better for your health and significantly less expensive than store-bought options.

Not surprisingly, commercially available laundry products aim to do two things well in order to attract returning customers. They’re designed to get your clothes as clean as possible as efficiently as possible, and they’re two results many of us are well accustomed to paying a premium price for.

To produce the best results in a way deemed efficient by consumers, that is with the least amount of powdered or liquid detergent, often means a cocktail of harsh chemicals. These are not only harmful to our waterways and the environment, they can be harmful to humans, too. 

By sourcing your own ingredients to make your own homemade laundry powder, it means you know exactly what you’re washing your and your family’s clothes in. 

How to make laundry powder

What are the benefits to making my own homemade laundry powder recipe? 

  • You’ll save money as conventional laundry powders are often costly.
  • You’ll reduce the amount of waste you produce by avoiding excess packaging and plastics. 
  • You’ll reduce the toxicity of the spent water produced during the washing process.
  • You’ll be able to implement a greywater irrigation system without compromising the health of your plants and soil. 
  • You’ll reduce the reliance you and your family have on large supply chains. 

So how do you actually make your own homemade laundry powder?

In Issue #21 of Pip Magazine, we reveal everything you need to know about making your own homemade laundry powder, including:

  • Why you should avoid certain chemicals in conventional laundry powders and why they are harmful to your health and the planet; 
  • how to get your laundry powder working effectively to get your clothes super clean, and;
  • the different “fragrance” options you should include in your homemade laundry powder with the use of essential oils.
  • Plus, the hands-down easiest and simplest homemade laundry recipe going around!

You can access this article online here as part of our digital subscription offering, or subscribe to the print version of Pip Magazine here.

zero waste laundry

Want to make more plastic-free DIY products for your home?

Cleaning products 

Apple scrap vinegar is a wonderful thing that turns a few simple ingredients into something far greater than the sum of its parts.

Unlike apple cider vinegar, which is made of the high-value pure fermented juice from apples, apple scrap vinegar is made from little more than the waste from processing apples.

It’s a great addition to home-made cleaning mixes – simply add some baking soda and you’re good to go in the cleaning stakes!.

Beauty products 

It is possible to spend an exorbitant amount of money buying the latest and greatest products that claim to do amazing things to your skin.

However, with a few basic ingredients, you can make your own beauty products, which are all completely natural and will dramatically reduce plastic in the bathroom. Watch the video below to find out how to make your own homemade toothpaste, coffee scrub with coconut oil and rosemary hair rinse.

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