July Gardening Guide

July Gardening Guide – Cool Climate

July Gardening Guide – Cool Climate What to Plant in July?  Its cold, really cold, and frosty this month, even though we’ve passed the midwinter shortest day. Amazing how things still grow (even weeds like chickweed) and thrive in these conditions. Brassicas and parsnips get sweeter after a good frost as some of their starches get converted… View more

July Gardening Guide – Mediterranean Climate

July Gardening Guide – Mediterranean Climate Cold soil now means slower vegetable growth. Most deciduous trees are now dormant and leafless, ready for winter pruning, planting or transplanting. In frost-prone areas, it’s time to take a break from planting out and instead peruse the seed and plant catalogues with spring in mind. If you have a sheltered… View more

Picture of Mediterranean herbs in a Tropical Australian garden.

July Gardening Guide – Tropical Climate

July Gardening Guide – Tropical Climate What to Plant in July? Check the seeds in storage, the crisper is a safe place, and see what is needed for the upcoming summer. The Mediterranean herbs love this weather so plant in full sun. Plant Surinam spinach and Okinawa spinach in the shade of a north side fence…. View more

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