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Issue 32 Out now

What’s in the new issue of Pip Magazine

Pip’s Issue 32 is packed full of inspiration and information to start the new season on the front foot. In this issue we:

  • share how to create a diverse living pantry at your place
  • provide an in-depth guide to pruning fruit trees,
  • take you into four nonna’s kitchens who share their pasta-making secrets
  • remind you of the importance of taking time to rest and recharge
  • visit an organic farm in NSW’s Northern Rivers where a shared farming arrangement is creating far more than nutrient-dense food
  • meet an Indigenous woman who makes possum-skin cloaks
  • learn how to turn your winter produce into delicious dishes
  • discover how easy it is to make biochar at home
  • take a tour of a small sustainable studio-style home

As well as all our regular seed-saving, foraging and how-to guides and a bunch of tips for growing food in winter and more.

Latest Pip Inspiration

Helping Create A Sustainable Future

Enjoy this and all our regular articles on foraging, seed saving, reducing waste and our ethical product reviews.

I just love my PIP subscription!!! When it arrives… I hide away with a cup of tea… after being engrossed in the contents. I launch out into the garden fuelled with inspiration and start creating a new patch! Thank you for keeping me going when my motivation runs dry.Nikki

Finally! A magazine I can devour from cover to cover. Curled up on my lounge, coffee in hand, I turn off Netflix to read Pip. There are so many reasons to love this mag; I love the feel and texture of the recycled paper. I love the work of the cover artists, I love the articles. – Sandy

Pip magazine always brings a healthy dose of hope for humanity whenever it arrives.  I absolutely love every issue and often refer back to them for ideas, recipes and advice.  You have created something beautiful, hopeful and unifying.  Thank you, thank you!Esther

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