Pip Podcast #21: Waste-Free Living with Lauren and Oberon Carter

In Pip Podcast #21, we speak with Lauren and Oberon Carter, authors of the fabulous book, ‘A Family Guide to Waste-Free Living’.

Lauren and Oberon share their story about how they came to live a waste free life and discuss the potential hurdles and obstacles many of us face when trying to live zero waste, and how they get around them.

Lauren and Oberon live with their three daughters in Hobart on an average suburban block.

Their family-run online business, Spiral Garden stocks a combination of locally handmade, fair trade, sustainable and ethically produced products for families, which inspire creativity, open-ended play and connection with nature.

They also run seasonal interactive permaculture e-courses for families, where they explore the permaculture principles through a variety of fun and engaging activities.

How did Spiral Garden come to be?

Spiral Garden began 10 years ago in far North Queensland and was run by a fellow home educating family who Lauren and Oberon befriended online.

The couple adored the shop and were thrilled to become the new Head Gardeners when the previous owners were ready to pass it on over.

Bringing Spiral Garden to Tasmania saw it showcase handmade local talent, while their interest in permaculture saw the permaculture ethics adopted into how the business is run. The business has grown alongside their own permaculture garden, which unsurprisingly features a giant veggie spiral at its centre!

If you would like to know more about waste free living check out #Issue 14 of Pip Magazine.

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