Pip Podcast #29: Getting Started Gardening with The Hungry Gardener

Welcome to the Pip Podcast number 29, and our first episode for 2020. In this episode Pip‘s editor Robyn talks about getting started gardening with Fabian Capomolla, aka the Hungry Gardener.

Fabian has made a career out of getting people gardening at home. In 2009 he co-founded the Little Veggie Patch Co. More recently he has created the Hungry Gardener Podcast and written a book Growing Food the Italian Way.

So you want to start growing food?

Fabian shares tips for composting, space-saving designs, feeding your soil and growing seedlings. He also discusses the importance of growing your soil, and how gardening can connect your community. Gardening and community go hand in hand. And Fabian demonstrates that all you need is time and enthusiasm to get started.

The Hungry Gardener’s journey

With his project The Hungry Gardener Fabian explores the connection between food and growing. But Fabian wasn’t always a green thumb. In the podcast we follow Fabian’s gardening journey. Firstly, quitting a job he hated to follow his passions. Then starting a business to get people gardening. And finally a life changing year living in Italy. Fabian’s story is sure to inspire budding gardeners!

To find out more about Fabian’s work visit www.thehungrygardener.com.au. For more from us at Pip Magazine you can listen to more podcasts, subscribe to the magazine or follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

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