Pip’s 2022 Sustainable Christmas Gift Guide

Ensure your gift giving is eco friendly this year with Pip‘s 2022 Sustainable Christmas Gift Guide.

It’s that time of year again… the time to start preparing for festive feasts, planning catch ups with friends and family, and thinking about how we can give gifts that are ethical and help us care for the planet. 

We’ve put together our Sustainable Christmas Gift Guide for 2022 to help you find the perfect gift for your earth conscious friends and family. 

Incredible Edible Garden Course with Morag Gamble (RRP $297)

Incredible Edible Garden Course with Morag Gamble

Give the gift of knowledge with this edible garden course. Over six weeks your lucky gift recipient will learn how to create an edible garden in this practical self-paced online course, with permaculture gardening help for all countries, locations and climates. 

This course has six core lessons plus three bonus modules when you sign up this month. If your loved one is a beginner or an established gardener, whether they have their own garden or are renting, they’ll gain valuable knowledge from this course.

They’ll connect with an exciting, like-minded community and gain valuable tips and guidance from Morag Gamble’s very simple and accessible approach to natural gardening and 30 years’ experience. 

Solidteknics cookware (from $85.95)

Gift the culinary whizz in your family the ultimate kitchen accessory – sustainable cookware from Solidteknics.

Solidteknics believe in an ethical and environmentally conscious approach to manufacturing and consumption, and design solid cooking tools that are made with such quality and integrity that they’ll last for centuries and never need to be replaced. 

Treasured heirlooms, to be passed down through generations – saving millions of disposable pans from piling up in landfills. Opting to manufacture locally also helps keep their carbon footprint low. 

Solidteknics also believe cookware should be non-toxic and healthy. Recent decades have seen synthetic, chemical-coated pans become the norm in households, which has had catastrophic effects on both our health and our environment. Their cookware is healthy, low tox and free from any synthetic coatings or heavy metals. 

Solid shampoo and conditioner bars (from $20)

Help a loved one make the switch from bottled hair care to solid shampoo and conditioner bars

Biome have a range of different options on their website but one of our favourites is the Viva La Body Conditioner Bar – Every Day People (RRP $20). It’s a great all-rounder suitable for most hair types. It will nourish your hair leaving it soft, shiny and smooth, and Argan oil moisturises the scalp. 

These solid conditioner bars will last as long as three regular bottles of liquid conditioner as they’re highly concentrated. And unlike most conditioner bars, Viva La Body is free from palm oil-derived ingredients.

Pip Growers Bundle (RRP $49)

This festive season we have put together a range of gift bundles that will inspire your loved ones with lots of practical ideas and information about how to live a more earth-friendly life. 

A pressie from Pip will give them the tools they need to help them nourish themselves and the planet as well as give them lots to read over the holiday break. 

One of our most popular bundles is our Growers Bundle, which features our latest issue of Pip, our popular 2023 Pip Kitchen Garden Calendar, which includes a ‘Sow When’ poster, a Pip organic cotton fair trade market tote bag, and a pack of open-pollinated heirloom seeds. 

‘RetrosuburbiaThe Downshifters Guide to a Resilient Future’ by David Holmgren (Melliodora Publishing, 2018, RRP $85)

Part manual and part manifesto, RetroSuburbia shows how Australian suburbs can be transformed to become productive and resilient in an energy descent future.

This 592 page manual shows how Australians can downshift and retrofit their homes, gardens, communities and, above all, themselves to be more self-organised, sustainable and resilient into an uncertain future. 

RetroSuburbia is a source of inspiration, introducing concepts and outlining patterns and practical solutions. It will make the perfect gift for someone already on the path of downshifting and living simply, or equally, for someone just beginning their sustainability journey.  

Bhumi Organic Cotton Sheet Sets (from RRP $249)

Who doesn’t love slipping into soft, soothing sheets each night? It’s one of those great little pleasures in life. Bhumi’s range of bedding is crafted from 100% Fairtrade organically farmed cotton, free from toxic chemical sprays and genetically modified seeds. 

Bhumi take their sustainability credentials very seriously and are paving the way for a new era in the textile industry by offering premium products that create a positive impact on the people and the planet. 

Their range of sheet sets feature one fitted sheet, one flat sheet and two pillowcases made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, available in classic white or a range of harmonious colours inspired by the Earth.

Pip Magazine Print Subscription (RRP $56)

We couldn’t help suggesting a subscription to our very own mag makes the perfect eco friendly gift! 

It’s the perfect present for a loved one who cares about the planet and loves ideas and inspiration about how to live a more earth-friendly life.

A yearly subscription to Pip includes:

  • 4 issues of the print magazine delivered each year.
  • Special discounts from Pip partners.
  • Go in the draw to win monthly giveaways.
  • Go into the draw to win our major prizes.

Bokashi Compost Bin Kit (RRP $105)

Bokashi Compost Bin Kit Pip Magazine Sustainable Gift Guide

Help simplify the composting process with the Bokashi Compost Bin Kit.

Using an organic fermentation process, the Bokashi Bin recycles all domestic kitchen waste into valuable soil conditioner. It could not be easier to dispose of all your waste — even dairy, meat and fish — in your kitchen, with no smell, no trip to the compost heap and no work to turn the heap.

Invented in Japan, this all-food recycling system uses effective microbes or “bokashi” — a Japanese word meaning “fermented organic matter” — to decompose the matter. The fermentation process does not produce smells, so you can keep the bucket under your sink or in your home.

The kit contains:

  • Recycling bucket made from recycled plastic with airtight lid.
  • 2 litre bokashi (enough to last the average family three to four weeks) and instructions.

‘Earth Restorer’s Guide’ by Rosemary Morrow (RRP $73)

Pip’s 2022 Sustainable Christmas Gift Guide ‘Earth Restorer's Guide’ by Rosemary Morrow

With decades of hands-on teaching experience in a wide range of settings and circumstances, Rosemary Morrow brings a lifetime of global knowledge to the completely revised and updated edition of her classic Earth User’s Guide to Permaculture’  text.

The book covers practical permaculture essentials such soils, water, microclimates, trees, seeds, design, pattern literacy, pests and weeds.

‘Earth Restorer’s Guide to Permaculture’ is a call to action. It entreats and empowers us to launch a new restorative relationship with all life. The best gift to our world is a planet restored and this is a guide to getting there, and would make a great gift for the eco warrior in your life.

KeepCup Helix Bottle Kit (from $66)

Pip’s 2022 Sustainable Christmas Gift Guide KeepCup Helix Bottle Kit

We all know the experience of being out and needing coffee, and realising you don’t have a cup on you. But having to carry too many different reusable items has proven to be a barrier for many when trying to avoid single-use products. 

Well, KeepCup has recognised this problem and created a water bottle that unscrews in half to turn into a cup! Dubbed the Helix Bottle Kit (RRP $66-$85), you can buy just the bottle (and bottle lid), or a kit, which also includes a colour-matched lid for when you’re using it as a cup.

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