The Winner Of Our eBike Giveaway!

Find out who the lucky winner of our Dutch Cargo Bike Tern HSD P9 folding electric bike giveaway is!

With the release of Pip Magazine’s special 20th issue, we wanted to celebrate by giving every new and existing subscriber the chance to win a Tern HSD P9 folding electric bike, valued at $5,450 from Dutch Cargo Bike.

The Tern HSD P9 folding eBike is easy to handle, easy to share, extremely comfortable and carries a whole lot of cargo. All of this in a compact design that’s shorter than a standard bicycle.

We partnered with Dutch Cargo Bike who were kind enough to donate this awesome eBike and this week we drew the lucky winner!

Thinking of investing in your own electric bike?

The popularity of electric-assisted bicycles – or eBikes – has grown exponentially in the last decade as more and more people make the switch to cleaner and healthier transport options. 

Electric bikes aren’t self-propelled in the same way as an electric motorcycle or scooter is, instead they provide electric assistance relative to the amount of pressure being applied to the pedals by the rider. 

We encourage you to read our comprehensive guide to electric bikes and other sustainable transport options in Issue #20 of Pip Magazine, available here if you’re thinking of investing in your own electric bike. We also have a short guide on the benefits of eBikes on our website here.

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