Stockist Profile – Garden of the Soul

Pip Magazine Stockist - Garden for the Soul, Hunter Valley NSW

Garden of the Soul 55 Swan Street, Morpeth NSW 2321 Owner: Diane Call Email: Phone: 02 4933 9003 Facebook | Website What sort of business is Garden of the Soul? Garden of the Soul is a spiritual gift shop with an ecological bent, situated on the banks of the beautiful Hunter River in historical Morpeth village. We sell the… View more

Stockist Profile – Spiral Garden

Spiral Garden Online (Based in Hobart, Tasmania) Owner: Lauren & Oberon Carter Email:   Facebook | Website What sort of business is Spiral Garden? Spiral Garden is a family-run online business, based near Hobart, Tasmania. We stock a combination of locally handmade, fair-trade, natural, sustainable and ethically produced products for families, which inspire creativity, open-ended play… View more

Stockist Profile – Benton Rise Farm Market

Pip Magazine Stockist - Mornington Peninsular, Victoria

Benton Rise Farm Market 150 Coolart Road, Tuerong, Victoria Owner: Ryan & Debra Sharpley Phone: 0410 663 702 Facebook | Website What sort of business is Benton Rise Farm Market? Benton Rise Farm is a community focused fresh fruit and vegetable market on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria. We focus on growing and sourcing the freshest local produce… View more

INHABIT – A Permaculture Documentary

INHABIT – A Permaculture Perspective. “One of the best permaculture docos of the last thirty years” according to permaculture co-originator, David Holmgren. And, after a successful Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, touring permaculture demonstrations far and wide, and stacks of hard work, this visual and musical permaculture feast has arrived. You can watch INHABIT – A Permaculture… View more

International Permaculture Day 2015

International Permaculture Day in Australia - Pip Magazine

Permaculture Respects The Soil: Let’s Celebrate Both Not only is this Sunday International Permaculture Day 2015 (#IPD2015), it’s an opportunity to celebrate the soil in this, the International Year of Soils (#IYS2015). From the organisers of #IPD2015: The first Sunday in May is a day of celebration and action for permaculture around the world. Open homes, gardens… View more

Stockist Profile – Good Harvest, QLD

Pip Magazine Stockist Maroochydore Queensland

Good Harvest 1/ 932 David Low Way, Maroochydore QLD 4564 Owner: Mick Dan Phone: 0403 761 244 Facebook | Website What sort of store is Good Harvest? The main focus of the shop is to bring in the local harvest of fresh good quality organic produce, evidenced by their ethos of Don’t Buy From Strangers…Buy Local…. View more

What It’s Like to go Beyond a PDC

                        First Diploma Crew in WA For the past three years Araluen, Renee, Georgina, Fiona and Andrea, have travelled to Candlelight Farm in Mundaring, WA, to complete a Certificate IV and Diploma of Permaculture. We have met at least once a month for the… View more

November Update and Easy Compost Ideas

I am so excited by my garden at the moment. Our berries are doing tag teams supplying us with juicy nutritious snacks; first it was the strawberries in the aquaponics, now it’s the mulberries from our smallish yet abundant tree and next it will rasberries, which are just showing the first blushes of colour.  … View more

What is Permaculture?

I read a definition of permaculture the other day that made me laugh: “Permaculture isn’t about some mad hippy lifestyle with no electricity; it’s about living as comfortably as you can, but not trashing the planet while you’re doing it”. And it’s true. Yes, some permaculturalists might be referred to as ‘hippies’ – everybody loves… View more

October Update

Well we’re in the full swing of production mode again pulling together articles for issue three. It’s going to be another cracker.  Issue two is selling well and can be found at stockists around the country. Here is one of our newest stockists in Sydney; Orchard St, Elixir Bar. We also held our first course here… View more

Holistic Management: Another Tool in Your Kit Bag

When you make a decision, what do you consider? Expert advise and scientific research? Intuition? Past experience? Will your decision achieve what you want? And how quickly? Is your decision lawful, ethical? Will it make you money? Annoy the neighbours? Win you accolades? There are so many things to consider when making decisions, large and… View more

South East Permaculture Convergence

SCPA -South East Producers will be hosting the 2014 South East Permaculture Convergence on 16th– 17th of August at Mumbulla School, Bega St, Bega. The South East Permaculture Convergence is a weekend for the permaculture community of the South East to come together and celebrate. That’s anyone from Moruya to Wollongong to Braidwood to Canberra… View more

Pambula Food Swap

This month we held Pambula’s inaugural food swap.  Although it is probably not the best time of year to hold a food swap as many people’s gardens are slow and not as much is growing as in the warmer months, I figured we just had to do it.  I had been talking about it for… View more

Issue Two, Greenhouses and Pigs

I love what I do. I get to talk to so many inspiring and knowledgeable people about what they are passionate about I am learning so much This week for example, I’ve been speaking with Professor Stuart Hill, Dan Palmer of VEG, Morag Gamble of SEED International, Hannah Moloney from Good Life Permaculture and Kym… View more

Food Sovereignty and Permaculture: A Reply to David Holmgren

By Dr Nick Rose, National Coordinator, Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance In the first issue of Pip, the co-originator of permaculture, David Holmgren wrote about food sovereignty, and the role permaculture can and does play in achieving it. David’s vision of a permaculture-inspired food secure and food sovereign-future for Australia, made manifest in the abundance of… View more