Pip Podcast # 14: Keeping a House Cow

It’s time for the fourteenth Pip Permaculture Podcast on the topic of keeping your own house cow. This time around Pip editor Robyn Rosenfeldt chats with Emily Stokes, home-school mum, homesteader, fermentation expert and cow lover.

Emily explains what it takes to look after a cow and why she decided to have a cow in the first place. She also talks about why she loves having a cow and milking it. And she shares her story about how her dream of owning a cow into a reality.

In the podcast we also learn about breeds and different temperaments of milking cows. Emily shares her favourites and some stories from her farm! She also discusses the benefits of raw milk and why she decided it was so important for her family.

She shares her daily routine and how she fitted milking into it. Learn about what it’s like to have your very own cow, and what it takes to make it work!

Emily has written an article about the gorgeous house cow too that you can read in Issue 11 of Pip magazine, out now! Subscribe now and get this issue, jam packed with all the latest in Permaculture from Australia. Plus natural cheese making recipes, biodynamics and more.

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