Issue 19 Out Now!

It’s officially landed! Issue #19 of Pip Magazine is here!

In Issue 19 of Pip, we look at how to grow more food at home and improve soil health with regenerative agriculture and crop rotation.

We explore the untold benefits of eating organic, how to improve your natural sleep cycles and how to make sure your savings are ethical. And Indigenous elder, Noel Butler shares with us how to connect more deeply with country.

We also have in-depth guides on how to dehydrate fruit, make your own soap, make a traditional Korean kimchi and a simple easy lemon squeezer. Subscribe now and have all this and more delivered right to your door.

Here’s a snapshot of what you will find in Issue 19…

We examine whether eating organic food is all that beneficial to your own health or the health of the planet, what it takes for farmers and producers to gain organic certification, and why organic food really has a higher price tag.

We reveal how you can practice regenerative agriculture in your own backyard.

regenerative agriculture

We roll out the first of our ongoing new feature series created with Indigenous elder and Budawang man Noel Butler from Yuin country, who we’ve asked to share his knowledge and deep connection to country.

Budawang man Noel Butler from Yuin country

We show you how to easily and effectively dehydrate your summer bounty of fruit.

We explain how to increase the yield from your vegie patch with crop rotation, which will also preserve the fertility of your soil, and help deter pests and disease.

issue 19 pip magazine crop rotation

And finally, with one in three Australians now renting, we show you how to implement permaculture practices in your rental home, with some simple and reversible hacks to reduce your living expenses and lower your carbon footprint.

issue 19 pip magazine rental retrofits

If you are as keen as us to help pave the way for a more sustainable future, then subscribing to Pip will give you all the tools you need to do so – from learning to grow your own food to teaching you how to reduce your household waste.

In 2021, Pip Magazine will now be published four times per year and we’re excited to be sharing even more great content with you. Subscribe to Pip today for a more eco-friendly future!

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