Pip Podcast #20 Slow Clothing with Jane Milburn

In this podcast we talk with Jane Milburn about slow clothing and ethical fashion and why we need to think more about the clothes we choose and the way we dress.

Jane shares her preference for natural fibres and her slow clothing manifesto, with practical ideas we can implement into our lives.

To ready more by Jane visit www.textilebeat.com

I hope you enjoy.

This podcast was proudly sponsored by Ecoyarns, an Australian organic & eco-friendly yarn and fibre online store. They are passionate about sharing the pleasures of knitting, crocheting and spinning without compromising on their values and working to leave a lighter footprint on the environment.

Ecoyarns believes in being a transparent and socially responsible business and care just as much about ethical labour practices, local community support, philanthropy and animal welfare as they do about the environment.
They encourage people to keep making things by hand with love; for the craft, family, friends and the future generation.
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To read more about ethical fashion, check out issue 13 of Pip Magazine.

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