Pip colouring in

Pip Colouring In

Pip Colouring In. The winners of the kids’ patch colouring in competitions. In issue 13 they coloured in the beautiful picture of the bike girl.

Issue 14 Pip Magazine

Issue 14 Out Now!

This is our waste-free issue of Pip Magazine. We have articles on reducing waste in our homes as well as all the regular articles about growing food and living more lightly on this earth.

Pip Magazine issue 13 has landed. In this issue of Pip Magazine we are exploring the exciting new possibilities that ebikes provide and give you all the info you need to decide if an ebike is for you. We look at ethical clothing and give you some tips about how to make ethical choices while dressing dapper. We have great... View more

Pip Magazine Issue 12 is here!

Pip Magazine Issue 12 has arrived and is ready for you to devour! In issue 12 of Pip Magazine we focus on the microscopic with articles on the soil food web and nurturing your microbiome thus our beautiful butterfly on the cover. Take a sneak peak at some of the top articles in Issue 12… View more

Pip Permie awards and Pip Project awards 2018

We had a wonderful response to our Pip Permie awards for individuals and projects to celebrate dedicated people making change in the world with permaculture. Here is the list of nominees, finalists and our winners. Full profiles on our winners and finalists will be in the Pip issue 11, coming out mid June 2018. Congratulations… View more

Pip Issue 11 is here!

We’re over the mooooo-oon! Pip Issue 11 has arrived and it’s another cracker, sure to get you inspired! Perfect for by-the-fire reading this issue features so much, including DIYs, gardening ideas, profiles and more! Flip through here to take a peek… In issue 11 of Pip magazine we have articles on natural cheesemaking, biodynamics and… View more

Jodie Vennitti

Pip Podcast #11: Jodie Vennitti

Here is Pip Permaculture Podcast number 11 for you, featuring Jodie Vennitti in conversation with Pip Editor Robyn Rosenfeldt! What if you couldn’t eat any fruit or vegetables unless they came directly from your backyard? Could you live off your garden? For many of us this would be a real challenge, yet Jodie Vennitti decided… View more

Pip Permie Awards 2018

Pip Permie Awards 2018 We recently announced the inaugural Pip Permie Awards in the latest issue of the mag. There are two awards, both of which will be presented at APC14, to be held next April 15-19 in South East NSW and the ACT.  The Best Permie Project award is open to projects which are current, create positive change and demonstrate the permaculture ethics… View more

Celebrating Bill’s Life

Vale Bill Mollison 1928 – 2016 Bill Mollison, co-founder of the permaculture concept with David Holmgren, passed away peacefully in Hobart, Tasmania, on September 24, 2016. Tributes have flown in over the last few days for this giant of the permaculture movement, a true pioneer and visionary, and today we’re reflecting on a life richly lived… View more

Pip 6 pics from around Australia!

We’ve had a huge response to our callout to Pip Readers to show us their Pip Issue 6! It’s not too late to share your pic: use the hashtag #pipmag6 and you’ll go into the draw to win a fab pack of Honey Bee Wraps. We’ll be picking the winner soon though, so hop to… View more

Kathryn Scharf food hubs conference

Pip chats with Kathryn Scharf

Here at Pip mag we’re excited about the inaugural Community Food Hubs Conference in Bendigo next month. Pip spoke to keynote speaker Kathryn Scharf , a Canadian food sovereignty campaigner, about her work in the lead up to the big event. How did you end up where you are now, campaigning across the globe for fairer… View more

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