6 Sweet Baking Recipes

Looking for some sweet baking recipes? Try these six delicious treats. 

Pies, muffins, cookies, crumbles, we’re rather partial to a baked treat or two at Pip headquarters! So we’ve compiled six of our favourite sweet baking recipes.

Before you get started have a read of our 5 wheat free flour substitutes if you’d like to substitute the wheat flour that most of these recipes call for. And if you’d like a crash course in making a simple homemade pastry then head here.

How To Make Simple Homemade Pastry
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You might like to have a try at making your own DIY greaseproof paper at home with simple ingredients you will already have in your pantry.

And if you’re going to be whipping up a batch of sourdough cookies (see recipe below) then watch our video on how to make sourdough starter.

Here are six of our favourite sweet baking recipes for you to try. 

Lilly Pilly Muffins

Lilly Pilly Muffins Recipe

Lilly pilly muffins are certainly a treat, as lilly pilly berries are sweet and creamy, and we believe they give berry muffins a run for their money. Plus, if you’re a savvy urban forager, they use up these fruits which often go wasted on footpaths around the neighbourhood.

Full recipe here.

Apple & Feijoa Scrumble

Apple & Feijoa Scrumble

What’s an apple and feijoa scrumble you ask? Why, it’s just like a good ol’ apple crumble, only scrummier!

This quick autumnal dessert is great for using up the last of your apple and feijoa harvest, and a pomegranate or two if you’re lucky enough to have them. It uses honey and rapadura for sweetness (both much better for you than conventional sugars) but it is still sweet, and a definitely fits our criteria for a “treat”!

Full recipe here.

Banana Oat Bars

Banana oat bars recipe

Adopt healthier baking habits with this banana oat bars recipe – the perfect sugar- and plastic-free lunchbox treat.

They’re a great alternative to packaged muesli bars and are quick to make. These can be whipped up before school and ready to go in the lunchboxes quick smart.

This recipe featured in Issue #10 of the magazine, along with some other great wholefoods baking ideas.

Full recipe here.

Sourdough Cookies

6 Sweet Baking Recipes

If you’re a sourdough baker you’ll know that every now and again you end up with more starter than you can handle. Which is where sourdough “discard” recipes come in. 

We sure love us some sourdough pastacrumpetscrackers or hot cross buns to use up extra starter. But nothing beats these sourdough cookies for maximum ease and brownie points!

Full recipe here.

Apple Roly Poly

Apple roly poly recipe

Whether you enjoy apples on their own, use them to make our famous apple scrap vinegar, or perennial favourites like apple pie, apple crumble or apple strudel, we think this simple apple roly poly recipe takes the… cake!

Full recipe here.

Zesty Zucchini Cake

Zesty Zucchini Cake Recipe

This zucchini cake is many things: zesty, zingy, zippy… but most of all it uses up the zillions of zucchinis from your veggie patch. It has a moist crumb, uses pantry-staple ingredients and is very easy to throw together at a pinch.

Full recipe here.

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